Holy Cross Lutheran Church ELCA
Jack and Pastor have collaborated to develop “The Young Artist Series” to engage young talented musicians within our congregation in the music program: Young musicians who play musical instruments or have vocal talents are encouraged to contribute to the Sunday Services. Holy Cross has several young musicians who aid in leading the singing or playing their instruments during the services either as solos and/or accompanying hymns and the choir.  

If a person is interested, contact Jack Hamill at 636-397-6406 or email jhamill376@gmail.com.
                                        HOLY CROSS QUARTET 
       Teagan McCracken   Deirdre Jost    Will McCracken     Jack Hamill      
 Teagan McCracken, Flute
Will McCracken, Violin 

Lexi Rechek, Singer
Deirdre Jost, Flute
These young artists have all provided their musical talents to our 8:30 AM service and have played music as Prelude for the 11:00 AM service, sometimes accompanied by the Praise Band.