Holy Cross Lutheran Church ELCA
Partnership Teams
  • Responsible for coordinating individual aspects / elements of our Vision
  • Establishes own charter / purpose per Partnership in alignment with our Vision
  • Examples:  Lutheran Children & Family Services, School, Food Pantry, Family Forward, SOCKs
  • Plans Mental Health forums, Kids’ Night Out, etc.
  • Subsumes the activities currently led by the Serve Team
  • Acts as Liaisons between Holy Cross and our community partners (Minimum of two members per team)
Vision Team
  • This team is made up of a few leaders (including the Pastor) who act as the Vision advisory board and drive the overall plan
  • Meets as needed to advise, guide, and monitor Holy Cross’ activities for consistency with the Vision
  • Collaborates with other ELCA Churches / Ministries and Interfaith opportunities
  • Meets quarterly (at minimum) with the Holy Cross Council to provide a status report, including recent activities, near-term plans, and longer-term plans
  • Engages in Grant writing to help with areas of need
Discipleship Team
  • Responsible for identifying and growing disciples as the Vision grows with our community partners through our Partnership Teams
  • Trains and equips leaders as Disciples for the work in the greater community
Promotion / Calendar Team
  • Responsible for communication of upcoming activities, messages from the pulpit, social media, church “blasts” and follow-up stories
  • Gathers info from Partnership Teams to educate Congregation on needs/issues
  • Coordinates with the Partnership Teams and the Vision Team
Safe Church Team
  • Monitors safety precautions and manages background checks as a Safe Church
  • Responsible for facilitating HR issues and getting authorities involved (if needed)
  • Holy Cross Village Team
  • Responsible for fostering the use of the Holy Cross physical facilities with our community partners
  • Responsible for developing common areas of interest with these community partners (especially New Song and Woori Korean Presbyterian Churches)
  • Monitors safe use of our physical facilities
Prayer & Visitation Team
  • Acts as key prayer warriors
  • Responsible for establishing an environment of prayer and spirituality as the Vision spreads
  • Some members participate in visits in the Holy Cross Community / those who cannot get out
  • Prepare prayers for Vision and Partnership events
  • Develop other outreach and in-reach programs (e.g., letter writing, meals)