Holy Cross Lutheran Church ELCA
Holy Cross, The Beacon that Illuminates Christ in our Community
Our vision for Holy Cross is to become fully integrated with the community, a Beacon to guide and inspire others to draw closer to Christ.

In this vision our outreach to the community is so connected that Holy Cross as a Church becomes integrated with the surrounding community. Together we are mixed groups of serving and being served. We will be the different parts of the body that work together with the whole-body benefitting. Holy Cross will act as the heart of this body, both spiritually and physically, a Beacon to guide us.
Outreach will be multifaceted, with both long- and short-term services offered to all whom we reach. Some of these services would be provided directly by Holy Cross, while others would be facilitated by Holy Cross.
Holy Cross will be the place where things happen, a meeting place for people looking to make friends, a place for people to find answers both to spiritual questions and to questions about how to navigate the ups and downs of day to day life, a place for teens to congregate, a place for the elderly to gather, a place to get help, a place to find yourself, a place to give help.
Holy Cross will be a place where people come together and find others who encourage and support. We value relationships developed within this Church since our Mission Development days, and we stay committed to each other to care and provide support across the ages and stages of life. Holy Cross will be a place that does not stop at its doors and will adapt to the changes of our community. The unchurched will become disciples, and then help make disciples. The connections and support found within our building will expand and grow outside of the building, making Holy Cross an integral part of the community. Holy Cross will be the Beacon that illuminates Christ in our community.