Holy Cross Lutheran Church ELCA
Our new VISION - Spirit-Led, Community-Driven!
We are on a journey to reach out more into the community to learn, listen, and hear young adults.  So, we hope you will be curious, too, to join in having a meal and small-group conversations together. We want to understand more of what you find joy in and what families and young adults are experiencing right now in life!
We are using a process called FAITHFUL INNOVATIONS to help build up community in the world by listening, accompanying others, and seeing how God is leading.

The 1st Part is LISTENING -  Tracing God’s Movement in our Lives and Neighborhoods
In discerning God here at Holy Cross, we learned a few things about the turnover of neighborhoods from older to young adults / families in the surrounding area.  And we’d like to hear what is on your mind and hearts. (Of course, what you are comfortable sharing within the Small Group).
Each Table will be a Discussion Group (probably 5 – 8 people) and we ask you to select the night which works best for your schedule. (Tues June 6th & Wed June 14th)
Please Confirm your dinner reservation for the night by June 1st.
After dinner, we will begin the Focus Group part of the night.
There will be childcare available - Please Confirm your Childcare reservation (age & name of child) for the night by June 1st.  
Small groups will have a Facilitator and Scribe, asking questions to discuss like:
  • What do you like about the neighborhoods where you live?  
  • How does it nurture you / your partner / your family?
  • What do you wish the future would be more like in your neighborhoods?  
  • What are you most worried about today for others in your neighborhoods?
  • How might / does your faith strengthen your outlook for the future and help you with changes in your lives?
You are invited to join us for Part 1…
This is a learned way of faith discovery through curiosity and being a Missional Church where we do ministry with others in and outside the church walls as a part of everyday life!
-FAITHFUL INNOVATIONS and materials from Faith+Lead of Luther Seminary were used in
preparing these materials