Holy Cross Lutheran Church ELCA
Dear Brothers, Sisters, and Siblings in Christ,                                                                            
For 60 years, God has shown Grace upon the people of Holy Cross that we could do ministry for our congregation, our community, and our world.
In big ways and small, we have generously given what God has first given us our time, our talent and our treasures. What we have been able to do, though our faith in God and the help of the Spirit, has fulfilled us and strengthened us. Generosity is what God wants for us, not from us! 
The coming year 2024 is showing great promise. We continue to build our partnerships with the Parkway School District, Feed the Need, S.O.C.K.s, and other Community Ministries. In2024, we are hoping to expand our staff and hire a (very) part-time employee with a focus on Young Adult & Family Ministry Outreach. We believe that young adults and families are a vital part of our community and we are committed to reaching out to them and helping us grow together in our faith. Exciting times indeed!

Our church building is a beautiful and important part of our congregation and our community. It has become a community center for many groups to gather. Groups like AA, AL-Anon, Boy Scouts, City Voices, and organizations that are working to teach adults and children (newer to our country) the English language and languages important to their families. We truly are Spirit-Led, Community-Driven! However, Holy Cross comes with a significant cost to maintain. We want to make sure that our building is safe and welcoming for all who enter. From utilities to repairs and
maintenance, the expenses can add up quickly. 
So that we may plan for the coming year and the new opportunities for service that come, we are asking you to make a pledge of financial support, time support and talent support. Because of rising costs, we have more challenges ahead of us. It is with a prayerful heart that we ask you to consider increasing your pledge for 2024 by 5%. We are asking this with big faith that God will provide for you and Holy Cross. If you are unable to increase your giving this year by 5%, consider taking your giving growth in steps. If you are at a 3% giving rate, consider your next higher step to 4 or 5%, or if you are at 8%, step to 9% or stretch to tithe at 10%. Please see the helpful giving guide below. Discuss it openly with God and with your family about your hoped-for increase! For what we give to the Kingdom of God will surely reap benefits for the whole body of Christ.

You can submit your pledge in one of three ways:
  1. Print paper pledge card CLICK HERE
  2. Submit your pledge online CLICK HERE
  3. Call the Financial Secretary, Clarence Jentes at 314-255-7551 if you use E-Giving and want to increase your giving through you ACH Online option.
Please prayerfully consider your pledge to Holy Cross this year we ask you to return your commitment by Wednesday, November 22nd (Thanksgiving Eve 7 PM  service) or by Sunday, November 26th and may God bless and keep you all of your days.
Stewardship Committee,

Jill Gehner, David Haas, Gary Prellwitz